Like a Bat Out of DL

Screenshot-2018-3-28 foot-xray jpg (JPEG Image, 630 × 351 pixels)

The sky is not falling. The lineup is not lost. And no, that’s not really Greg Bird’s x-ray.

Regardless, I can confirm that he’s not made out of glass nor Nick Johnson. Bird is a soldier. He came off the DL to rake the remainder of last season. He continued to do it under the playoff lights.  Three bombs that mattered. So let’s get a grip.

For the first 2 months, the Yankees will be missing some left-handed thump. No doubt a vulnerability. But should the offense continue to fire like it did last year without him, then he only adds to the attack later. That offense from last year? It also lacked the Stanton cannon, which begins launching projectiles into our bleachers on Monday.

Essentially, the concerns of ‘just like last year’ are are well-founded. And look what happened. The Yankees rolled right out of the gate.  Bird joined up late, justified the expectations and contributed to a World Series run. I hope it’s exactly like last year.

If I had the x-ray, I might be able to say how this injury is related to his last. A medical degree would help too. However, a follow up surgery is not uncommon. So perhaps this is a serious foot injury that is now complete, after a shoulder injury. Unrelated issues.

Perhaps he isn’t getting enough protein. Perhaps he has one especially wimpy foot. We don’t know. But aside from the worst case scenario, that Bird has been singled out for injury by God Above, he is still a young player that can come back and put up healthy stats for years. He must let go of any dreams of 30/30 though.

I don’t remember Nick Johnson’s pivotal hits between stints. He walked a lot, then he’d go missing again. This kid has already proven more than his fragile predecessor.

So let’s trust this team to at least tread water for two months. The division is soft, aside from the You Know Who’s and the lineup is already better than it was last postseason. In two months, after Didi and the Dominoes hold down the infield, we could have an offense that’s humming and about to add Bird. It’s not Game Over.